2018 Introduces the Hybrid Court Interpreter Training Institute

Registration for the 2018 Court Interpreter Training Institute (CITI) will be opening soon.  In 2018 we are pleased to inaugurate the first ever hybrid CITI!  Hybrid or “blended” instruction combines the best of our high quality online and traditional in-person training that improves access to this exceptional experience.


The 2018 Hybrid CITI will begin in June with online pre-testing, followed by a series of 3-hour webinars, two per week for four weeks.  These webinars will introduce essential interpreter skills and techniques in the three modes of interpreting as well as the specialized terminology used in court.  They will also introduce the ethical principles and protocols that govern best practice.  Following the webinar series, participants will spend two weeks at the University of Arizona (July 9-20) intensively practicing their interpreting skills.  This intensive onsite practice will be augmented by lectures on advanced topics integrated into the curriculum for maximum impact.  In its 30+ years, the CITI has demonstrated an average improvement of 37% in interpreting proficiency.


The National Center for Interpretation made this change in an effort to make the CITI more accessible for more people.  The hybrid format means less time away from work, home, and family without sacrificing the intensive experience that exemplifies the CITI.  We hope you’ll join us!