Meet NCI’s New Director

The University of Arizona National Center for Interpretation (NCI) is happy to announce that we have a new Director—Professor Sonia Colina, Director of Graduate Studies in the department of Spanish and Portuguese.  Dr. Colina is a renowned expert in Spanish Linguistics and Translation Studies and brings her expertise in translation pedagogy and translation quality assessment to all our projects. In addition to her many publications, including her recent Fundamentals of Translation (Cambridge University Press, 2015), Dr. Colina has served as an investigator and consultant for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and is currently a research team member in the UA’s NIH funded-project Oyendo Bien (Hearing Well) (with faculty from Speech and Hearing and Public Health). She is also a Co-Investigator on another NIH grant with the UA’s Department of Management of Information Systems on Spanish/English automatic text simplification. Sonia Colina is a founding member and President of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA). Please join us in welcoming Dr. Colina as the new Director of NCI!