Study Resources for FCICE Federal Written Test



Federal Court Interpreter Written Examination Study Resources: Spanish/English

Do you need extra help to pass the written portion of the FCICE?  The first step is to analyze the description of what is tested in each of the five parts of the written examination, which is available in the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination for Spanish/English: Examinee Handbook published by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (2016). Page 16 of this handbook describes the five parts of the written examination as follows:   

Part I: Reading Comprehension. Reading Comprehension items measure the ability to read and understand texts that reflect the language proficiency required of a Federally Certified Court Interpreter (FCCI).

Part II: Usage. Usage items measure the knowledge of grammar and idioms that is representative of the high level of general language proficiency required of an FCCI.

Part III: Error Detection. Error Detection items measure the knowledge of grammar that an FCCI must possess to carry out job-related responsibilities.

Part IV: Synonyms. Synonym items measure the breadth of general vocabulary that an FCCI must possess.

Part V: Best Translation of a Word or Phrase. Best Translation items measure the ability to correctly translate an underlined word or phrase, tapping the knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and idioms required of an FCCI.

The handbook also contains a sample written Spanish/English examination that is a useful indicator of your readiness for the test.  In addition, the following links—just a sampling of the type of useful material and instruction you will encounter in NCI’s test prep webinars—will help you study for the Spanish Reading Comprehension, Usage, and Synonym sections of the actual FCICE written examination.  The links contain strategies, definitions, and practice tests that will enhance your Spanish language proficiency and test-taking skills. Remember to use your online search skills to seek out similar study material in English!

1.    Reading Comprehension: This Spanish-language video gives strategies on reading comprehension.

2.    Reading Comprehension—Sample Spanish reading comprehension tests with answers and explanations.

3.    Usage—Libro Gramatica Super Facil de La Lengua Española. Affordable Spanish grammar book.

4.    Usage—Online Spanish/English glossaries.

5.    Spanish Synonyms— Synonym definitions and sample tests.

6.    Synonym Exercises—Lesson on synonyms with a sample test and key to assess knowledge of Spanish synonyms.