Customized Interpreter Training

The University of Arizona's National Center for Interpretation (NCI) has been the premier provider of interpreter training and assessment since 1983. We can develop a training program to meet the needs of your agency. We can provide training to fit your needs in Tucson, onsite at your university, or online. Our exisiting workshop options range from introductory trainings to the highest caliber professional level training, such as our Court Interpreter Training Institute and Medical Interpreter Training Institute, both held each summer in Tucson, Arizona. We can bring these workshops to you, or we can tailor our training and assessments to your needs. NCI will work with you to develop a plan appropriate to your needs and means in a variety of formats:

  • 2-,3-,4- or 5-day workshops
  • Online interpreter training
  • Training your staff to develop your own training and assessment program
  • Competency testing for interpreters and bilingual staff who work with non-Spanish speakers
  • Create a comprehensive, empirically based program of training and assessment for your teachers, interpreters and/or bilingual staff

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NCI's practice-oriented training approach dramatically improves students' interpreting ability and advanced bilingual proficiency. Topics NCI typically teaches include:

  • Introduction to Translation and Interpretation
  • Business
  • Court/Legal
  • Education
  • Community
  • Immigration
  • Specialized Languae Proficiency and Acquisition
  • Interpreting - Consecutive
  • Interpreting - Simultaneous
  • Interpreting - Sight translation
  • Document translation
  • Interpreter Ethics/Protocol
  • Cultural Competence in Interpreting

Advanced ESL students

NCI can also work with the University of Arizona's Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) to customize training for advanced ESL students that combines English language instruction and translation/interpretation training, taking full advantage of their bilingual skills to maximize learning.

On-Demand courses

If you would like to bring our existing training to you, please visit our On-Demand Training page.

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Request Customized Program


Thank you for your interest in the National Center for Interpretation (NCI). In order to understand your program training needs, we need some basic information. Please complete and submit this document. After we review your needs, we will contact you and may ask you some further questions in order to provide you with a quote. Please keep in mind that it may take up to three (3) months to organize a customized interpreter training program. Bear in mind that customized program costs may differ from our standard training options depending upon location, total number of participants, time of year, equipment and space needs, and other variables.  Our aim is to always provide the best quality training at the best price. 


Contact Information

The contact person must be a representative of the organization or group who will assume financial and other responsibilities for the program. Please provide all information below:


Program Dates and Location

Approximately what dates do you expect the program to run?

Best program dates:

Alternate program dates:

Program Location: Where will the program take place?  Training rooms typically need access to the internet, white boards, a multimedia projector, and must be in a quiet, accessible location.

(If not, NCI will seek and reserve an appropriate location)


Program Goal: What would you like the participants to achieve during their training? What would you like the participants to be able to do after their training? Please be as specific as possible:


Training Customizations


Approximate Language Proficiency of Participants
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Upon receipt of your request, we will work to draft a proposal for the project. If your entity has a particular terms of agreement to which a final agreement will need to conform, it is helpful to disclose the terms as soon as possible to prevent delays in launching the program.