FCICE Written Test Prep Webinar

Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination Prep: Online Workshop

This intensive, hands-on workshop, taught by a federally certified interpreter, is dedicated to improving your scores on the written portion of the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination. Each of the three sections of this course are taken online, from your home computer. Study and test-taking techniques for each subsection of the exam are covered, as well as a review of what types of questions and difficulty level you should expect during the exam.

This workshop has three parts:

Part 1: Overview of Exam

Overview of the exam content and how to prepare for each section.

Part 2: Practice Exam

Participants receive link to take practice exam online. (Must finish before end of practice exam period.) Participants will print out their results, which include all questions, their answers and the correct answers.

NCI’s written practice exams are a mix of authentic, retired written certification exams as well as new exams that are carefully developed to match the format, content and complexity of the actual written examination. Please note: The practice exam used for this class was also used in NCI's Spring/Summer 2014 in-person FCICE Written Exam Prep Workshop. If you attended that 2014 workshop, do NOT register for this class, as you have already experienced this particular practice exam. 

Part 3: Exam Review

Review the exam item-by-item with the group and instructor. This provides you with insight into which sections of the test are most difficult for you, while the instructor provides suggestions of ways to overcome challenges with each section.