FCICE Oral Test Prep

Did you know?

The average passing rate for the FCICE Oral Examination is 20%.

Increase your chances of passing this demanding exam by attending NCI’s 2-day workshops!

Our workshop provides you with 16 hours of preparation for success on the oral portion of the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination. Learn exactly what to expect and how to best prepare for the portions that are most challenging to you.

In class, two simulations of the oral exam are administered while you record your renditions. You will have the opportunity to share your recording with the group and your instructor to receive personalized feedback about your performance. The instructor, who is federally certified, leads a detailed review of acceptable and unacceptable terms and renditions on each portion of the simulated exams. Also covered are self-rating techniques, so that you can learn how to evaluate your interpreting performance while practicing on your own.

“The importance of the FCICE Oral Test had me really stressed out, but after this training, I feel ready to pass the exam! The instructor was wonderful!”
– past participant