Next Steps for CITI Participants


The following information has been prepared for students in the CITI program. Since these programs are offered face-to-face in Tucson, Arizona, we have gathered some important sections that are relevant to CITI students.

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CITI 2018 Dates

  • Webinars: Start June 14th
  • In Tucson: July 9 - 20, 2018


This year, the Court Interpreter Training Institute (CITI) is being held on the The University of Arizona Campus in Tucson, Arizona.  The CITI runs Monday through Friday, so your weekends are your own to study, relax, and explore Tucson.  When making your arrangements, please keep in mind that Tucson is HOT in July and plan accordingly.  You’ll want sun screen, a water bottle, perhaps a hat.

Housing Options

Out-of-town CITI participants have several options for lodging.  There are two hotels in the University area which are within walking distance of the CITI: the Tucson University Park Hotel and the Aloft Tucson University Hotel.  Participants are welcome to make their own arrangements at either hotel or through an online service such as Airbnb.

CITI participants can also stay in Coronado Residence Hall here on the University campus.  The cost of the dorm is $43/night.  The rooms are single occupancy suite-style rooms, with a bathroom shared by two rooms.  There is also a share kitchen in Coronado.

Participants are responsible for their own food.  There are a number of restaurant options near the University’s Main Gate as well as in the University’s Student Unions.  There are also supermarkets nearby, including the Food Conspiracy Co-op and Johnny Gibson's Downtown Market along the streetcar line.


SunTran and SunLink provide bus service and modern streetcar serve the Tucson metro area including the University of Arizona campus, downtown Tucson, and Tucson International Airport. See routes, timetables, and fares at and at

For information about the Tucson Airport and its transportation options please visit


Participants with cars will be responsible for making their own parking arrangements. For information on parking permits and parking maps, please visit the Parking and Transportation Office website.

Meals nearby

CITI participants are responsible for their own meals.  The University of Arizona campus has a number of inexpensive restaurants in the Student Union, including the popular Cactus Grill. There are also many restaurants and a couple of grocery stores nearby. There are also many food options available at Main Gate Square, located on University Blvd.


Tucson weather can be hot in the summer, with highs typically between 90-105 degrees Fahrenheit. With the proper precautions such as drinking plenty of water and using an umbrella, summer time in Tucson is an enjoyable experience. Especially if you are planning to swim at the Recreation Center's swimming pool! (more details below). We also have the monsoon season which brings a lot of rain in the summer time, usually in the month of July.

Recreation Center

The University of Arizona's Recreation Center also known as the "Rec Center" is a place where you can go to exercise, relax, and have some fun. With plenty of sports activities and group classes available, this is an excellent choice available on campus. Learn more:

Things to do in Tucson

Tucson is a fun place! Check out many things that you can do in this page: