NCI’s Presentation at the 56th Annual ATA Conference

This year NCI’s Tony Rivas represented us recently on Saturday, November 7, in Miami, Florida, at the 56th Annual ATA Convention. He gave a presentation entitled “Issues in Recorded Media Translation of Colombian Spanish.”

Attended by approximately 35 participants, this presentation involved a review by Tony of the 13 varieties of Colombian Spanish in terms of their distinctive speech sounds, ---some being difficult for other unaccustomed native ears---, words particular to Colombian Spanish, and Spanish-language words that acquired a meaning of their own in the Spanish spoken in this major South American nation.

An NCI Glossary of over 350 Colombian regionalisms, authored by Professor Rivas, was made available to all Conference participants via the ATA Conference App, as well as a detailed matrix paper for the slide presentation. Additionally, several questions were entertained and answered by the presenter during both the course of his lecture and thereafter.