Arizona’s State Court Interpreter Credentialing Program

Beginning just this year, the Arizona Supreme Court had adopted the Arizona Court Interpreter Credentialing Program.  This is an exciting step!  Prior to this move, each Arizona court had to establish its own criteria to ensure that it met the courts’ obligation to provide qualified interpreters.  Now, Arizona legal interpreters can pursue becoming certified Arizona Court Interpreters, providing a valuable credential for Arizona’s interpreters and more consistent access to justice in Arizona’s courts.  

The Arizona courts provide extensive information on their website about how to pursue state certification. Please read about the process here:

After taking two online courses provided by the State, interpreters must, depending on their languages, pass three tests: an Oral Proficiency Interview, a written exam (with a score of 80% or higher), and then an oral performance exam. Candidates who are successful on the oral exam are placed into tiers based on their performance: 60% score is Tier 2, 70% score is Tier 3 and 80% score is Tier 4. Tier 2 is provisional, tiers 3 and 4 are intended to provide the courts with more information about candidate performance.

The state written exam will be offered next September 6—10 in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff (you must register by August 11, 2016). The state courts offer information about how to prepare for this exam. NCI also offers several options to help interpreters prepare for the written exam:

Two Full Length Practice Exams ($40 each)

State Court Written Test Preparation Class ($120, includes full length practice exam)

Our next Written Test Prep Class will be held on May 21. The deadline to register is May 6.

The oral exam will be offered next September 13—16, in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff (must register by August 11, 2016). The state courts offer tips on preparing for this exam here. For both new and experienced court interpreters, NCI’s Court Interpreter Training Institute (July 4—22), held at the University of Arizona, is an unparalleled opportunity to dramatically boost one’s interpreting skills. Participants in the CITI typically see a 40% improvement in their skill level by the end of the three weeks. Enroll today!