Preparación Online Project

Preparación Online provides an online in-service for secondary and postsecondary Spanish or ESL teachers interested in better serving their Latino students by using translation and interpretation in their classrooms.


We have developed and piloted a comprehensive, multimedia translation and interpretation (T&I) curriculum, designed for integration into existing Spanish curriculum at the middle and high school levels. These units are specifically designed to build students’ conceptual knowledge and cognitive academic language proficiency.

Pilot participants will be trained online in the use of the T&I units on:

  • Introduction to Translation and Interpretation
  • Healthcare
  • Criminal Justice


Following the pilot, additional T&I units will be available, including: Immigration, Business, Media, Education, and Community Interpreting.

Teaching T&I is not the same as teaching Spanish. It requires its own unique and intensive instructional methodology to maximize T&I skills and specialized register language acquisition. To maximize the impact of our T&I curriculum units and provide the best possible chance for success in their implementation, teachers need to be trained in the pedagogy of translation and interpretation. The Preparación In-Service has several key goals:

  • Building teachers’ high and specialized register linguistic repertoires and T&I skills
  • Building T&I theory and practice
  • Introducing conceptual content central to delivering the in-class T&I units
  • Introducing T&I pedagogical methods and collaborative and culturally-based teaching techniques that spur Latino academic achievement and cognitive growth.
  • Aiding teachers in reviewing the curricula, understanding the scope and sequence, and teaching and learning assumptions, as well as learning pedagogical techniques and strategies to teach translation and interpretation.

Past participants in the onsite Preparación in-service have unanimously ranked it as among the best in-service trainings they have ever had. Preparación’s In-Service training methodology is based on the Agnese Haury Institute for Interpretation, the premier interpreter training program in the country.



If you are interested in participating in the Preparación Online in-service, or simply want more information, contact us!

These projects have been primarily funded through grants awarded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE). Additional support has been provided by Mrs. Agnese Haury and the Haury Trust, as well as the University of Arizona.