NCI Code of Research Behavior

The National Center for Interpretation (NCI) offers many opportunities for research in bilingualism, live and online interpretation and translation pedagogy and testing, second language acquisition, and general language testing.  We require researchers, including graduate students, to obtain permission from the Director before conducting research at NCI.

Researchers, including graduate students, must also adhere to the following requirements when engaging in research at NCI: (1) submit a documented Research Proposal to the NCI Assistant Director, at least two weeks prior to anticipated start date; (2) receive a preliminary site authorization letter from the NCI Assistant Director before applying for University of Arizona (UA) Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval or exemption; (3) receive approval or exemption from the IRB before beginning research at NCI; and 4) agree to follow the NCI Code of Research Behavior.

  1. Research Proposal
    The following information must be submitted to the Assistant Director for approval prior to submitting the IRB application for research:
    1. Submit a research proposal with the following information:
      1. Researcher’s name, contact information, and university affiliation
      2. Project title and brief abstract (250-500 words) (Upon approval, this abstract must be provided to all participants.)
        1. Study objectives
        2. Why the study should involve NCI
        3. Researcher’s name and contact information
      3. Research questions
      4. Methods
        1. Descriptions of participants, any compensation they will receive, how they will be recruited, and the location(s) of the study
        2. Description of tools for data collection and analysis
        3. Proposed schedule
      5. Copies of any forms (e.g. surveys, informational fliers, instructions, etc.) that will be distributed to participants, including consent to research forms.
      6. For class projects, a copy of the course syllabus.
    2. Upon review and approval of the proposal, the NCI Assistant Director will provide a preliminary site authorization letter to the researcher. The researcher may then submit the application to research to the IRB.
    3. Upon receipt of IRB approval or exemption, submit the following information to NCI:
      1. A copy of the IRB approval or exemption from the UA  -OR-  A copy of the IRB approval from the researcher’s home university if not the UA
      2. The UA IRB letter of approval or exemption must be submitted to the NCI Assistant Director at least two weeks prior to beginning research.

NCI Contact information:, (520) 621-3615.

  1. Code of Behavior
    1. All recruitment, data collection, data analysis, and other research-related procedures and activities will be completed by the researcher. No tasks will fall to NCI instructors or staff.
    2. When IRB approval or exemption has been reviewed by the NCI Assistant Director, he or she will notify NCI instructors and staff that the researcher will be contacting them to establish interest and arrange how to contact student recruits.
    3. A schedule for the research process will be finalized, including how/when to distribute handouts or forms during research sessions (tutoring session, writing group, workshop, writing institute).
    4. Upon arrival to conduct research, researchers will sign in with NCI instructors or staff. Researchers will sign out at the end of their research sessions.
    5. At the start of research sessions, researchers will introduce themselves to the participants and explain the purpose of the visit.
    6. Researchers will minimize any disruptions to regular session activities.
    7. At the end of the study, the researcher will submit a summary of findings to the NCI Assistant Director. The researcher will notify all other participants that the findings are available and will be provided to them by the researcher upon request.  

NCI approval does not replace IRB approval. All applications for IRB approval must be submitted separately through the UA Office for the Responsible Conduct of Research: