Sight Translation Intensive: Critique & Analysis

The National Center for Interpretation is pleased to announce a webinar dedicated to helping you master the art of sight translation!

Sight translation is known as the menace of court interpreters, who are accustomed to dealing mainly with oral interpretation. While interpretation and translation are related in some ways, in other ways they are quite different. Thus the skill set for each differs. In order to be successful at sight translation, one needs to combine the oral skills of the court interpreter with the written-word analytical skills of the translator. Written communication is usually more polished than the more direct style of oral communication, and that difference can be a challenge when the interpreter is called upon to give a sight translation.

This online workshop, taught by expert NCI staff trainer Anthony Rivas, includes:

  • How to maintain the style, tone, intent and language level of the source language
  • What methods to use with complex Spanish-language legal documents
  • Review of Spanish-English/English Spanish sight translation skills
  • Emphasis on Spanish-English sight translation
  • Practice the skills learned

"The glossaries provided were great and I have been referring to them to study for the FCICE." 

"The... technique for Spanish to English makes sense. It sounds more natural. I feel more comfortable using it, and this will help me when I take the oral exam." -- past participants

CEUs available!

ATA 3 points
NAJIT 3 credits
California 3 CIMCE hours # L 3558
Florida 3.6 CIE credits, #15-0094
Pennsylvania 3 CEUs
Tennessee 3FL 
Texas 3, LCI2016104
Washington DHHS 3 hours

CEUs pending for: Colorado