Date: October 19, 2019

Time: 10am-1pm Pacific Time

Location: Online


The National Center for Interpretation is pleased to announce a webinar designed for interpreters of all languages!


Consecutive interpretation—a crucial skill in both court and medical settings—requires mastery of techniques that help maximize accuracy.  This webinar will introduce the techniques and skills used in consecutive interpreting, including chunking, visualization, notetaking, and situational control, among others. Participants will have the opportunity to practice these skills during the webinar. This language neutral webinar is taught entirely in English and is open to interpreters in all languages.


The objectives of this workshop are 1) to introduce you to the consecutive mode of interpretation, 2) to review strategies for successfully interpreting in this mode and 3) to give you an opportunity for some hands-on practice using these strategies.


The instructor has extensive experience coaching interpreters on how to improve their consecutive interpretation practice. Using the methods covered in this webinar, you should expect to see significant improvement in your consecutive interpreting abilities!


Topics include:

  • Short-term memory vs. long-term memory
  • Notetaking: principles and practice
  • Successful recall strategies: principles and practice
  • Situational control
  • Practice exercises
    • Legal cases
    • Medical cases