Since all the preparation for an interpretation event must be done well beforehand, we ask you to reach out to us with significant prior notice whenever possible. Last-minute requests may not be able to be fulfilled due to a lack of availability of interpreters in the relevant languages. When you do reach out to us for a quote, please give us as much information about your needs as possible – not giving this information can cause delays, since we must contact you to get that information in order to give you a proper quote for services.

We also request access to the venue ahead of time to check technology and make sure things run smoothly during your event.

If you have any questions or needs, feel free to contact us at any of the means listed on this page.

  • how long the interpreter will be working for
  • Where the event you need interpreted is taking place
    Consecutive interpretation is where the speaker and interpreter alternate their speech consecutively, so the speaker would pause at certain phases for the interpreter to relay the message in the relevant language. Simultaneous interpretation is where the interpreter speaks along with the presenter (with a slight delay) so that all attendees can listen in the relevant language at the same time.
    Simultaneous interpretation often requires specialized equipment (i.e. headsets and transmitters, etc.) - This equipment is available to rent from us if needed.
  • please give us some information about your interpretation needs to help us provide you the best possible quote for service.
  • Drop files here or
    Materials for terms specific to your interpretation needs

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