Legal Interpretools

The Legal Interpretools© are Spanish-English practice materials developed to provide individuals an opportunity to enhance their interpreting skills and have language lab-type practice at home. They are sold as a complete 3-volume set.

Volume I is an introductory set that includes six lessons providing practice in the simultaneous and consecutive modes as well as sight translation. Texts for simultaneous interpretation are recorded at two speeds to allow users to refine and improve their interpreting skills and techniques.

Volume II is dedicated to expert witness testimony. It includes six authentic texts for simultaneous practice and two written texts for sight translation. Topics covered include serology, hair analysis, firearms and tax documentation.

Volume III is dedicated to the formulaic language of the courts. The exercises for practice in simultaneous interpreting include initial appearances and arraignments, plea agreement hearings, sentencing and jury instructions. Attorney/client interviews and other topics are covered in the consecutive and sight translation exercises.

Each volume consists of a source sound file and a key sound file. The source file is used for practice, while the key file contains interpreted renditions by federally certified court interpreters of all of the practice exercises. Spoken and text glossaries are also included.

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