Medical Interpreter Competency Examination (MICE)

(Spanish <> English)

As hospitals and other health care organizations recognize the impact language services has on patient outcomes and risk management, the vital importance of using qualified/certified interpreters is understood better than ever.

The Medical Interpreter Competency Examination (MICE) is an interpreting performance test developed by NCI. This exam assesses a healthcare interpreter’s capability in two modes of interpreting, as well as ethics and protocol specific to the clinical setting. This exam fulfills Joint Commission requirements for the use of qualified personnel in language services.

All scenarios are adapted from authentic medical records. The test is structured as follows:

Section Time Allotted
Written Exam: ethics and standards of practice (E) 30 Minutes
Medical Vocabulary: terminology in context (S<>E, E<>S) 5 Minutes
Sight Translation: medical records, informed consent (S<>E, E<>S) 6 Minutes
Consecutive: doctor-patient interview (S<>E, E<>S) 23 Minutes
Test Instruction Time 6 Minutes
Total 70 Minutes

Please see the MICE Candidate Handbook for more information.