Hire Interpreters

Since all the preparation for an interpretation event must be done well beforehand, we ask you to reach out to us with significant prior notice whenever possible. Last-minute requests may not be able to be fulfilled due to a lack of availability of interpreters in the relevant languages. When you do reach out to us for a quote, please give us as much information about your needs as possible – not giving this information can cause delays, since we must contact you to get that information in order to give you a proper quote for services.

University of Arizona Sponsored Projects

University of Arizona - Due to Sponsored Project regulations, we currently cannot process payments with funds that come from federal grants or federal projects. Account numbers that begin with 3XXXXXX and 4XXXXXX cannot be processed. Please pay with a different type of account. Thank you for your understanding.

We also request access to the venue ahead of time to check technology and make sure things run smoothly during your event.

NCI uses only top-level certified interpreters for your events. It is common for this caliber of interpreter to request a minimum of 4 hours for assignments. As a result, our rates, while competitive for this level of expertise, may seem high to those who do not work with interpreters on a daily basis.

NCI is unable to offer a fixed hourly rate because interpreting rates vary depending on a number of factors including length of assignment, time of day of assignment, topic of assignment, location of assignment (via zoom or in-person). We work with each client to get the best rate and the most qualified and experienced interpreters. Often, we are able to negotiate discounts, but not always. Please do not assume that the hourly rate we charged you for a concrete event will be the same for all your events, as the above factors may result in different charges.

If you have any questions or needs, feel free to contact us at any of the means listed on this page.

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