Medical Interpretools

The Medical Interpretools© is an English<>Spanish self-study course designed to help the medical interpreter build his/her skills on their own.

The Medical Interpretools© draw on the experience of working interpreters and use authentic, real-world scenarios to provide self-study materials that help to prepare interpreters for certification exams and professional success.

The materials present five doctor-patient interactions for practice in consecutive interpretation. Each interaction focuses on different health issues prevalent in the United States:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Heart Attack Predisposition
  • Colon Cancer and Colonoscopy
  • Blood Pressure and Stroke

Each interaction consists of a source sound file and a key sound file. The source file is used for practice, while the key file contains an interpreted rendition by federally certified court interpreters. Spoken and text glossaries are also included.

Also presented is a brief medical overview (in print and recorded) for each of the five conditions, in both English and Spanish. This contextualizes the information, giving the interpreter a greater grasp of specialized terminology than can be gained from a glossary and provides and provides for practice in the simultaneous mode.

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