Customized Test Development

NCI has set the standard for high-stakes interpreter testing since 1985 following the development, piloting, validation and further administration of the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Exam (FCICE). At that time, the FCICE was the first interpreter performance test to employ the innovative structure and objective scoring system that NCI founder, Dr. Roseann Gonzalez, originally developed. The FCICE model has since become the standard for almost all subsequent interpreting tests, greatly improving these tests' ability to identify proficient interpreters.

Since that time, NCI has applied its testing model to develop a host of specialized performance tests in many languages across many domains. Please see our capability statement for examples of the tests NCI has developed, as well as other past projects.

NCI can apply its experience to help your organization assess its interpreters or translators to help ensure that they are ready to effectively provide language access to your services.

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