Multilingual Course Content Development Service

Multilingual Course Development

Why you need our service

The future is multilingual, multicultural and global. Education must be as well.

Offering courses in various languages significantly expands access to education, on campus at the University of Arizona as well as globally. Translating course content – for example into Spanish or Mandarin – creates more inclusive opportunities and reaches more students. Multilingual students can continue to develop their language skills and learn how to successfully navigate multicultural settings. Community-oriented programs, like Public Health, can strengthen their relationships with underserved populations through multilingual courses.

  • Your students are non-English speakers or multilingual.
  • Global presence for your universities/products.
  • You want to provide quality course content translation in multiple languages.
  • To broaden access for educational opportunities and support the needs of diverse communities of learners.
NCI Students

"Providing quality course content in a student's native language improves educational outcomes."

(Lucas & Katz 1994, Karathanos 2009, Jain 2017)

What we offer

The National Center for Interpretation (NCI) provides:

  • A full-service translation, which includes translation of course materials and learning assessments from English to another language.
  • Reviews and edits previously translated courses.

Our services above include our Quality Assurance process, in which we implement practices that materials are translated with close attention to accuracy and consistency by our high-quality translators, editors, and subject matter experts.

In addition to the services above, we provide analysis on the results of the translated course assessment and their correlation with the translated materials.

Why NCI?

  • Nationally and internationally recognized center for translation and interpretation
  • 40 years experience in the business
  • Connected to the University of Arizona
  • Hispanic serving institution

Published Rate

Service Rate
Translation & Quality Assurance Starting at $0.27 per word
Review and edit translation + Quality Assurance $200/hour
Quality Assurance $200/hour

What to do

Please contact us for more information using the form below. We will review it and reach out to discuss your needs.