Translate Recruitment and Study Documents

Read about the importance of translation in research in a new article by NCI Director Sonia Colina, PhD:

When Research Study Materials Don’t Speak their Participants’ Language, Data can get Lost in Translation


NCI can assist you with your research by:

  1. providing translation (of IRB documents, surveys, consent forms, etc.) and interpretation services which will increase diversity and inclusion in your studies 
  2. providing expert consultation services about your language access plan during the proposal preparation stage, which will increase the likelihood of receiving an award.

Our highly trained and experienced translators will provide you with the accurate and superior translations you need.

Translation fees are based on a number of factors (length, complexity, source and target language, format, rush job, and other variables).

Our aim is to always provide the best service at the best price. Please help us minimize costs by providing us with the most recent and finalized version of the document to translate, as any changes to this document will add to the cost of the translation.

If you would like to know more about translation in the context of research, you may find this ppt presentation useful

If you would like to know more about translator qualifications, you may find this ppt presentation useful 

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